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Related post: Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2007 22:17:53 -0400
From: Dwedno Smith
Subject: Chapter 78 of Tunnel.To all:Sorry about this chapter taking so long to get to braves nymphets all of you but since I am
writing three chapters of different stories now its taking a little longer
then I like to get everything together. I have two new things for everyone
who takes time to read up teenie japanese nymphets here. First and most important to all readers...There will be no more chapters
of BT. At best if possible I will do a summary chapter of events at the
other house (Bryan's place) and bring it to all of you in a special
chapter. IF not then the next chapter will now incorporate both BT and
Tunnel into one chapter that may be larger or normal size depending on time
and other things at that moment of posting. I will not let either side of
the nymphets topsite
story slip away but I do feel it is time to bring both stories back
together now that everyone is in the same neighborhood. So beginning in the
next chapter or two TUNNEL will be one story again. Second I wanted to announce what I hope will be an advancement of my story
availability. I have been lucky enough to find a person who is willing to
post my stories on his website and barring prteen nymphets any changes to the website such
as stories being dropped or preeteen nymphet pics
removed due to the nature of them, the website
will always have the latest and most up to date chapters of all my stories.The website for this is It will always be listed
at the bottom of any new chapter. PLEASE look closely at this web address
because DUE TO THE NATURE OF MY STORIES there is always a possibility that
they could be dropped from this page at any time which will cause a new
story address location to be listed HERE and updated at the bottom of each
new chapter. I hope all of you enjoy the new website and all of my stories
in one location and as always comments are welcomed. Any new chapters will
have the word "NEW" next to them for little pretty nymphets at least a week and then they will
fall back into the normal part of the story after that. Idea's or thoughts
can be sent to me. MY e mail address will NOT change and russian nymphets hardcore a link to it is on
the website and also at the end of each chapter.Thanks to everyone especially John for all his hard work on the new page...
I hope to have chapter 79 out soon. Dwedno
Chapter 78. Trying to mend hurt feelings.About five minutes later my cell phone rang and it was Bryan. I answered it
quickly as Todd was practically standing on top naked kindergarten nymphets of me to get any news."Hey Bryan, any good news?""Okay, yes I see, sure no problem... right I do understand. Okay,
great... thanks, bye.""Okay since I only got half of that what did Bryan say?""He said he knocked on your brother's door and he wouldn't come to it so he
said he was knocking because it was about you... within five seconds Ryan
was at the door and Bryan told him that he was wanted over here and would
he be interested in coming over.""So what did he say?" Todd asked like he was taking his last breath of air."He said yes.""Are you freaking serious?""Yes but...""I knew it... there is always a `but' when it comes to him!""Will you relax, the `but' is he wants to talk to you alone.""I don't know Tommy I was hoping you could be there and have my back.""I would love that Todd but I told Bryan okay and he said he would be right
there. So he is probably walking up to the door now.""Man I am so nervous all of a sudden."Just then a yell was heard from downstairs."Go check that okay?"Todd went out and stood at the top of the steps talking to what sounded
like Jon. I couldn't make it all out from the chair but all I know is Todd
went downstairs quickly after that. I sat and waited as I looked towards
the top of the steps. Nothing but dead silence so I got up and walked to
the top of the steps and standing in front of the door was Ryan and he was
talking to Todd. I watched for a minute before I spoke."Are you two going to come up here or stay there and talk?"They both turned and looked at me and then Todd looked at Ryan. It seemed
like he was pleading with him and finally Ryan seemed to agree as he
followed Todd up towards me. He was smiling as he walked in front of his
brother and headed the few feet he was from the steps towards me."I got him to talk with you in the room but please Tommy right now just let
me talk without saying anything. He is very close to not wanting to do
this.""Okay Todd." I agreed just so they could try to get past this.Todd turned and looked at Ryan and motioned for him to go to the room as he
stood on the top step. He walked past me and didn't even look at me. That
isn't good. By the time I got turned around they were both in my room and
Todd was waiting for me at the door. I walked slowly and got there as fast
as I could. I walked in without saying a word and went back over gallery sexy nymphette to my
chair. Todd shut the door and looked at his brother."So what was so urgent that Bryan told me I needed to come here?" he said
looking straight at Todd."I thought you wanted to get this worked out.""I do but alone. We don't need anyone in the middle of our problems Todd.""But Tommy isn't just anyone.""Just because you know him and nymphets sex bbs probably trust him doesn't mean that I do.""All he is doing is listening for now."
"For now?""Yes Ry, come on you promised to give this a try."I wanted to say ten things already but I promised to keep quiet... so
far..."Okay then if you won't start then I will.""Go ahead Todd knock yourself out!""You know as long as we have been alive you have never been this rude or
just plain nasty to me. Why can't you just meet me half way?""Okay Todd, fair enough.""I mean after all you did walk all the way down here. If you didn't want to
do this you would have said no... so how about it Ryan?""You are right. I guess I shouldn't be so mad at all this, I really was
starting to miss you and if we don't do something this is never gonna end.""I agree so what are we gonna do?""How about you tell me you aren't gay and I let you come back and share our
room again?"I was now biting my tongue and using every bit of restraint I had to keep
quiet. Todd looked at me and then at his brother."How about we don't and you listen to me and understand some of this?""What is there to understand Todd? Take back what you told me and we will
forget this ever happened.""That's totally absurd, even coming from you Ryan!""I don't think so. I have had plenty of time to think this out while you
were living over here and I can't see why you just can't forget about what
you said, then I will forget about what I said and we move on.""OKAY, OKAY I have heard enough! I screamed out. You cannot be serious
thinking that if he takes his words back he suddenly won't be gay. Even you
have to be smarter than that Ryan!"He looked at me and then at Todd."I thought we had an agreement that he could be here but not say anything
Todd!"Todd looked at me and I was livid!""Don't look at me Todd I held my tongue for as long as I could but when he
said that to you he went too far. Now either you two work this out or we
aren't going to get anywhere!""Todd I am not going to listen to him bitch about how we are doing this!"
he said directly to his brother continuing to ignore me.I got up and walked over to Ryan."Look you stupid ass, I can only take so much of this, but you are really
getting on my nerves.""So leave."I grabbed him by his shirt."You are one lucky son of a bitch Ryan; if I wasn't so hurt I would throw
you out of here myself!""You don't have to Tommy I am going!"He looked at Todd..."You want to finish this it has to be at our house. I am not talking about
anymore of this with him here!"With that he stormed out of the room. Todd looked at me. He looked like he
wanted to cry. I immediately picked up my cell and rang Bryan. I knew this
wouldn't work out and I had a back up plan."Yes Tommy?""It didn't work at all. He just bitched about everything and when I put my
two cents in he basically stormed out and told Todd that any further talk
would have to be over there. Can you take care of this before he enters the
house?""Sure Tommy. I had a feeling something bad would happen. I will meet him at
the front door."He hung up and I told Todd what he said to me."Do you really think he can do anything Tommy?""I sure hope so. After all he is supposed to be in charge over there. Let's
see how big his balls really are."I wasn't sure if the expression on Todd's face was good or bad after I said
that but he looked kinda sick. Within five minutes there was a commotion
downstairs as my front door flew open and Ryan walked in followed by Bryan."GET up those steps now before I whoop your ass!" he screamed out so
everyone in the house could hear it.Ryan looked at him and did as told. By then I was at the top of the steps
and even I was surprised Ryan listened to Bryan. He looked at me as he
walked past and Bryan smiled at me as he followed him. I turned and
followed both of them into the room and shut my door."Okay now what happened that you left and came back to our place acting
like a two year old?"Ryan explained just about everything to Bryan without leaving much out. I
was surprised he was so detailed but he was.
"You have got to be kidding me Ryan!" Bryan barked after he was done."You just can't tell someone to forget about being gay and think its going
to just go away! That is insane!""I didn't think so." Ryan replied. Now I was a total spectator as Bryan took the lead."First off it's not something you can just turn off like a switch you dumb
ass. I am really surprised that as close as you two are you aren't gay
too!"I did what I could to not laugh as Ryan looked at Bryan. I thought there
were going to be physical blows after that comment but Ryan didn't do
anything. Matter of fact he didn't even say anything. Now I was starting to
wonder..."Ryan...Todd said... you are really quiet all of a sudden."He looked at his brother and stormed out of the room before any of us could
stop him."Let him go!" I screamed at both of them."Why Tommy?" Todd said to me."Because based on my knowledge of things and his reaction I have a feeling
that Bryan just hit a very sensitive point in your brother's head.""Huh?" Todd said."I think Tommy is saying that your brother left because he might be gay
too.""Are you serious?" Todd said totally flabbergasted."Maybe, I answered. His reaction said something to me Todd. Now all we can
do is wait. Your brother is extremely confused right now and probably super
pissed off that we might have gotten it right.""You think?" Bryan said to me in a very sarcastic tone.I looked at him and smiled."Maybe." I replied.Now he laughed. Todd was just outright confused at the moment."Shouldn't we go get him?" Todd asked."No, let him cool off and think about this. I said. From what I can tell
your brother isn't dim-witted, he just needs to think about things alone
for a bit. I looked at Bryan. Thanks for bringing him back here. I had a
feeling something was up but I didn't want to go there until the time was
right.""So you knew this all along Tommy?" Todd said."No, not all the time Todd. I'm still not totally sure, but what I do know
is we hit a nerve in here just now and that nerve was in your brothers
head. Give it time, go back there or hang out here but I have a feeling
before the day is out that either you are going to be talking to him puffy nipples nymphets kds
here or out in private someplace.""I'm gonna go Tommy, I have so much to do back at the house. Call me if
anything changes okay?""Sure Bryan, thanks for coming over.""Anytime my friend, anytime! Especially if it means getting this crap over
with."He headed for the door. Todd called him."Bryan?""Yes Todd?""Thanks for helping, I just might be over later to reclaim my bed, or maybe
the free room, but I don't think I will be on the couch here tonight.""The door is wide open pal. Take your time and just let me know if it gets
too late so we are on the same page about all this.""Sure thing and thanks again,"He smiled and waved as he headed out of my room."Now what do we do Tommy?""Wait.""That's all?""Yup, the ball is in your brother's court... it's his play and he has to
make the decision now where he goes from here.""I didn't really understand that but I think you mean he has to decide what
to do now?""Yes that's what I mean.""Okay, good!"We hung out and did a few things for the next hour and there was a knock at
the door. I heard it since I left my bedroom door open, expecting him to
come back. Shawn answered it and came to the bottom of the steps and yelled
up to me."TJ, Ryan is here.""Okay cutie, send him up."A few seconds later Ryan was at the top of the steps. He looked cold, wet,
and confused."Guess its snowing outside Ryan?" I said."You could say that. He looked at his brother. Todd would you please give
me a few minutes alone with Tommy?"He surprised both of us with his words."Sure bro, I'll be downstairs, call me when you are done.""Thanks Todd." he walked out shutting the door behind.He was extremely polite and low keyed. After Todd walked out he looked at
me."Tommy... he cleared his throat. I'm really sorry about being so rotten
before.""Okay, go on..." I wasn't about to let him off the hook too fast."This isn't easy for me to deal with and as much as I hate what was said
before I think that Bryan might have had a point. I am very confused
Tommy. I have had all the time in the world to think about all this. I
don't know what I feel. I don't know if I might be gay or straight. I just
don't know what to think!""Okay Ryan, that's a start. Keep going...""Well like I said I had a lot of time to think when Todd was here and even
before all that happened between Todd and me that night.""And all you have are questions and no answers?" I said to him.He looked at me like `How could you know that' but said nothing for the
moment."You know I have heard a lot about you Tommy and I didn't want to believe
it or think you were this wise but... I really have to think how I want to
say this... he paused a bit. I might not know a lot about straight or gay
but I want to learn. I have so many things I don't understand and I would
really be happy if you could answer my questions for me, please?""With or without Todd here?""Right now without him... I am confused and nervous enough and I need some
time to figure this out without him saying `I told you so'... to me.""That's fine Ryan but I don't see your brother being that rude like..." I
stopped what I was about to say."Like I was to him Tommy?""I wasn't going to say it but yes, exactly that way.""I know but honest I was scared and I couldn't talk to Bryan about this, I
didn't know how he would be and I didn't want to get thrown out of the
house if he had any little bit of an idea that I might not be totally
straight. And that isn't saying I am either Tommy... not yet... I can't
decide ukrainian nymphets elweb bbs
or even comprehend all this. I need to think, ask questions and
think some more.""That's fine Ryan. We can go slowly just don't leave Todd hanging too long
it's not fair. He has waited for a long time and he needs to know something
soon.""I know, I promise I won't.""Okay then, what is your first question Ryan?""How do I know if I am gay Tommy?""Well, that is probably the toughest one to answer. How do you feel around
other guys, is probably a good start. When you look at a girl danish nymphets and then a
guy is there a difference... when you jerk off who do you think
about... stuff like that Todd.""DO I have to tell you?""No silly, I am just giving you things to think about.""Oh... phew... I was scared I would have to answer those questions before I
knew the truth myself, I really don't even know if I want to share those
answers yet, but they are good questions Tommy.""Okay then how about a simple question, do you still love your brother?""Of course I do but not in a gay way... I love him like he is blood!""Okay, okay don't get all offended. That is a good starting point. You need
to let him know what you just told me but clean it up a little first. Don't
insult him anymore than you already have...""Yeah I got ya.""Anything else?" I asked."Yeah probably a lot but I think I need to talk to Todd first... alone if
you don't mind.""Nope not at all. You can go down into the basement and have total
privacy. Todd knows where the door is he can take you there. He has been
downstairs a few times for whatever teenage nude nymphets reason.""Thanks Tommy, we'll be up after we are done down there.""I'll be here.""I know. Thanks."He turned and headed out of my room to find his brother. This should be
good. Wish I was a fly on that wall!
"Todd we need to talk in private." he said as he met him at the bottom of
the steps."Tommy said there is a basement door around and we can have privacy down
there.""Yeah follow me."He followed anorexic nymphet his brother to the door. Todd opened it and then Ryan shut it
as they both headed downstairs for some privacy."Okay Ry, what is so important that you need to talk down here.""Can we go slowly Todd; this isn't easy for me to say.""Sure Ry, whatever you want as long as we talk."Todd walked over to the couch that was there and sat down. Ryan followed
him and sat next to him."Todd, please understand that what I want to say is really hard for me to
talk about.""Sure Ry, I just wish you would have said this a lot sooner it would have
been so much easier!""Yeah, me too, you don't have a clue how much this has been killing me.""Yeah I think I might Todd since it's been just girl nymphet pics biz
about the only thing on my
mind since we stopped talking bro.""Okay enough of this beating around the bush--what is so important?""I think I might have feelings about other things.""Huh?""Ya know not just girls?""I knew it! Tommy was right!""What do you mean Tommy was right?""Well actually Bryan was right wasn't he?""Oh you mean before in Tommy's bedroom?""Yes that's exactly what I mean Ryan!""I don't know... for sure Todd but lately it's been on my mind a lot. With
you admitting it, with me and my big mouth over at the other house and just
my overall feelings... look I am so sorry I said that in front of everyone
Todd. I understand if you hate me for it but you bringing it up stirred up
all kinds of feelings inside me that I didn't want to think about.""But Ryan you acted so strongly, you hurt me so much in front of everyone;
you totally embarrassed me when you screamed out... that one bad thing...""Yes and you stood totally naked in front of me as I tried not to look. You
teased me so much that I didn't know what to do in that motel. I am not
trying to say we are even Todd, I don't think I can ever make up for what I
did to you but you teased me so much in the motel that I almost lost it
right there.""What do you mean lost it?""Just what I said... what did you do to me at the motel? You stripped naked
and stood in front of me that way.""Yeah and you wouldn't look.""Oh I was looking... you just didn't know.""But your head...""My head was down but my eyes were staring at you're...""But then you looked away Ryan.""Yes because if I didn't I might have done something that I didn't want to
do.""So little nymphet free gallery
all the time I thought you were totally straight you were gay?""That's just it Todd, I don't know! Or I didn't know then... I might have
grabbed your cock but I didn't. I couldn't bring myself to that
level. That's why I told you to get dressed. You started jerking off and I
couldn't take it anymore I looked and I saw your hard cock inches from my
face I was so... I asked you... Todd I asked you to get dressed before
something bad happens.""Yeah I remember Ryan, I'm sorry I did that to you but I only did it
because I wanted your attention.""You had my attention Todd the second you told me you were gay in so many
words.""Then why couldn't you just fucking admit to me right there that you might
be too! Damn you Ryan we could have gotten past this by now and who knows
what else but all we have done is fight and argue since then... about all
this stuff! You totally embarrassed me and at the same time you were going
to grab my cock weren't you?"Todd was steamed... Ryan wouldn't answer him--couldn't answer him."RYAN! Answer me!"Nothing! Ryan wouldn't even look at Todd. He reached out and grabbed his
brother by the chin and turned his face and they were now looking at each
other eye to eye."ANSWER ME RYAN!""Yes Todd I almost reached out and grabbed your hard cock right then and
there but I was scared... I didn't want to be a faggot; I didn't want to
think about liking boys, especially my own brother... I wanted to open my
mouth right there and take your hard cock into my mouth and suck you until
you blew your load into my mouth! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANTED TO HEAR ME SAY
TODD?"He turned away and started to cry. Todd was flushed with embarrassment
after he finally got to hear what he wanted from his brother and now he
suddenly didn't want to know it. He moved closer to Ryan and put his arm
around him and pulled him tightly to him as he wept."I guess we were both out of line Ry, but all you had to do was tell me. I
love you and I told you because I trusted you Ryan and you let me down, dream nymphet bbs you
hurt me, you even embarrassed me because you couldn't admit to yourself how
you really felt."Both boys just sat there for a while quietly or maybe even speechless if
you want... as Todd held his twin and they both wept some more. Ryan out of
embarrassment over finally admitting he was gay...Todd because of the hell
he just went through for the last week because Ryan couldn't admit
it. Finally Todd spoke."You know Ryan I should smack the shit out of you for what you did to me. I
mean I know waving my cock in your face wasn't right but outing me... I
just don't know... its gonna take some time for me to get past that...Matt,
Austin, Mike... all the guys, they were there, I don't know about them, I
don't know how they feel, I don't know if I am going to have to worry about
what they are going to say in a private moment now. You are still in the
closet brother but I am out there for all of them to talk about. Maybe I
should go tell them about you so we are even!""NO TODD YOU CAN'T! It would kill me!""But it was okay when you said it!""I'm sorry Todd... he said as he cried. I didn't do it on purpose I did it
out of frustration; I did it out of fear for what I was hiding. I can't
take it back... he said as he wiped his face with his hands... but I need
one thing from you Todd... I need you to forgive me... please do you think
you can ever forgive me for what I did?""Ryan... you know..."He was now standing over Ryan as he sat there, Ryan's eyes still full of
tears as he practically begged his brother's forgiveness... "Please Todd... I know I am asking a lot from you but... I need you.""But what about me? I can keep my mouth shut Todd but if things get tough
will you have my back? Will you protect me like I will you?"Ryan looked at him and didn't say anything as Todd continued to verbally
ridicule his twin."What will happen if we both get back pretty nymphets nude
in the same room Ryan, in the same
house and Austin or Mike comes up while you are standing there and
says... hey gay boy wanna suck my cock? What are you gonna do for me
Ryan... can you honestly tell me that you would punch him in the face
because he was picking on me? I would get right in his face if he was all
over you and you know it!""Yes I know it tears rolled down his face. I know you would
protect me you have in the past and you would again...""Yes Ryan because I love you... I would...""You would, what Todd?""I would forgive you Ryan, I will forgive you in time because you are all I
have left in this world Ryan, you are my blood, you are my twin, and you
are my brother and even with everything that happened I still do love you
very much."Ryan looked at him but didn't speak, he couldn't get the words out at the
moment. He got up and went over and hugged Todd. He held him tight... time
passed and neither let go for a while. Finally Ryan pulled away from Todd."Yes Todd I will.""Will what?""Protect you if they get in your face..."Todd hugged him and gave him a kiss on his cheek."I love you Todd, I am sorry I let you down."They broke apart."If something like this ever happens again Ryan...""I swear... you have my word Todd I will never let you down again!""Then we can move back together?""Please Todd; don't take the other room stay with me?""Okay Ry, I will.""Good I owe you so much...""Yes you do and maybe tonight I will collect some...""What do you mean Todd? Oh no, come on you really don't think...""Ryan what did you tell me before?""But I was...Todd paused. Ryan Anthony... you owe me!""Okay, okay maybe... we'll see okay? I am still scared Todd, please don't
make me do that right away I need time.""We'll see Ryan but let's get out of this basement we can go upstairs and
wash up, I don't want anyone knowing what happened down here, and I really
don't want anyone seeing you that messy. I am sure I am almost as bad
but... come on lets get out of here I want to move back into my room. I
just need to tell Tommy first okay?""Sure bro, anything you want...""Anything?" he said with a sly look on his face."But that...Todd... not yet... I just can't... please Todd... soon but not
yet okay?""Okay Ryan but you are gonna... and you will swallow too!"He looked like he was gonna be sick but he didn't say another word as his
brother gave it to him good. Twins having sex? Now that is hot! They headed
upstairs and Todd pointed to the bathroom and headed up to see Tommy after
he went in there. He walked upstairs and his nymphets in baths door was open."Tommy can I come in?""Sure. Come on in. Damn you look like hell, what happened with you and
Ryan?""We had a big argument, lots of tears and I finally broke down that wall!""So that means?" I asked."That means yes he is gay, he admitted it to me and he just isn't ready for
anyone else to know.""Todd where are you?"--we heard yelled from outside my room. Todd walked
out into the hall."Up here Ry."He ran up the steps as Todd came back into my room. He came in still
looking somewhat of a wreck shutting the door behind him."You didn't tell him anything did you Todd?""Yes I did, why?""Awww, come on!!""Ryan I trust Tommy almost as much as I trust you besides we have a
history.""WHAT?"He looked at me."Did you take advantage of my brother?""RYAN STOP! He screamed at him. You have no right to ask that and no he
didn't!""Its okay Todd he is your brother and probably just wants to protect you.""That would be a first!" he scowled."All right Todd you don't have to rub it in." I said.He paused as he looked at Ryan and then back at me."But still Tommy what happened was awesome, he said looking at Ryan, and I
can't wait for it to happen again!"Ryan's mouth just hung bbs land nymphets
open."Close your mouth brother!"Ryan closed his mouth and walked over to Todd."You didn't tell me this downstairs.""No I didn't because I didn't want to, besides what I do privately is my
business and maybe if I had you around at the time it wouldn't have
happened."He looked at me."No disrespect Tommy I am just trying to make him understand.""None taken Todd, I totally understand."Ryan looked at Todd and then at me."You didn't hurt my brother did you?""Not at all. He was already hurt Ryan, I comforted him, he slept here that
night and seemed bbs nymphets land
to be very happy.""Yeah and you played around with him too.""So what Ryan, are you jealous or mad?"He didn't answer me. I looked at Todd."I guess he is jealous."Todd snickered. Ryan looked at Todd and then me."That's not fair Tommy even if I might be or maybe I am mad that you might
have done something wrong.""Oh please Ryan that wasn't wrong at that time, it was the best feeling I
ever had in my life, Tommy was so awesome to be with, and you would
understand if you were there.""Okay, now I am jealous!" he said.Todd bust out laughing and Ryan actually seemed to smile."I would never have touched your brother if he wasn't up to it Ryan. He was
so depressed that he needed that and more and he seemed to be so happy
after that and he even seemed to sleep well that night."But still!""But what Ry? Would you like a sample?"Ryan turned red as he looked at Todd and then me."Yeah Ryan, if I was totally healthy I would show you how good it can be.""No, no, NO! This isn't right!""Ryan... give it a break man, get used to it, and deal with it, you
admitted to me you were gay downstairs now relax and fucking deal with it
already!"I looked at Todd, the cute little teen suddenly grew balls in front of me
and I liked it.
"Wow Todd impressive!"He smiled at me and Ryan was perplexed."Ryan, I said, give it time, you can talk to me anytime just like Todd
did. We don't have to do anything and I won't even touch you if you feel
uncomfortable but please, relax and... welcome to my world. There is
nothing like having your cock sucked by another guy and I hope you can find
the right person bbs girls nymph to do that and make you feel like a million bucks really
soon.""Look guys I just need time to let this sink in okay. Todd nasty young nymphets can we go home
please?"Todd looked at me."I am going home with my brother Tommy, thanks for everything and I will
see you tomorrow. I'll pick up my stuff then.""I am happy for you Todd, you too Ryan. Please do not black little nymphets
be a stranger Ryan I
will not hurt you I promise.""I'll see how I feel Tommy but happy nymphet
right now I just need to get out of
here. Sorry..."He walked out and Todd came over and tried to give me a hug."Be careful I am wounded...""I know Tommy, I am gonna be very careful but I nymphets pics pthc toplist want to give you this..."He gave me a half hug and then reached out and gave me a kiss on the cheek."Thank you for everything and for being here for me. Maybe Ryan will come
around to you but if he doesn't it's his loss. I however will be back
because it was so damn much fun I can't wait for more!"I smiled."You are a real sweet boy Todd. I hope that never changes."I patted him on the head messing his hair and then I gave him a small crack
on his ass. He smiled."See you tomorrow Tommy, thanks.""Bye Todd, have a good night."He walked out and I looked at my clock. Damn 2pm already this day is flying
by. Okay I need water and who is next on my list? I headed out and slowly
walked down the steps and headed towards the kitchen. I was feeling better
and walking better too. nymphets modeling
I got girl child nymphets
into the kitchen and was greeted by several
of my boys. Billy, Joey, Jeremy, Luke, and Caleb were in the area. I walked
over and at least three of them asked if they could help me."Thanks guys, I wish it were like this every time but I understand since
this is my first day back from the shooting I am getting a little bit of
royal treatment.""Maybe Tommy but its still nice having you back.""Thanks Jeremy, its good to see you too, all of you guys are special."Jeremy came over to me and stood next to me as the others watched."You know Tommy, he said in a low voice if you have time later I would like
to spend some time with you.""Sure I will add you to my list. I have to see Caleb and Zack still."I grabbed my glass of water and looked at Caleb."Okay pal you are next. Follow me up."He got up from the stool he was on and walked out with me."Am I in trouble Tommy?""No I just want to have a little private time with you."We talked a little as we headed up to my room. We went in and I sat in my
chair which was now next to the bed. Caleb sat on the bed."So what do you want to talk about Tommy?""You, I want to learn a little about you since you are living here and I
haven't had a lot of time to just sit with you. It would be nice to know
something about you, don't you think?""Yeah I guess. I mean I don't know what to tell you, you have seen me naked
and you know how much trouble I have been so what more is there Tommy?""How about your parents and brothers and sisters?""I had a brother named Lucas he was thirteen and a sister named Shana and
she was six.""Did you get along with them?""Sometimes, my sister was always causing trouble because of her age--she
thought she could do whatever she wanted and most of the time she just got
in the way. I do miss her some now that she is gone.""What about Lucas?""He was nymphets boys sex okay I guess. Sometimes he would baby-sit me and even Shana once in
a while but mostly I got to be with him when mom and dad were busy.""Where did your sister go?""A babysitter usually.""And how about Lucas? Did he treat you good?""Sometimes Tommy, we fought but mostly we got along.""You two ever have any problems?""What do you teenage nymphet bbs mean?""You know since you seemed to like spying on Travis and Mike I just
wondered if you were like that at home too.""No way. My mom would kick my butt if I ever tried to spy on Lucas.""But you tried anyway didn't you?""How do you know that Tommy?""Because I am smart Caleb and I figured you didn't start spying when you
got to the mall, you were already doing it at home weren't you?""Can we talk about something else please; this isn't something I like
talking about.""I want to know a little more about what you did first then we can stop
talking okay?""Do I have to?""Yes I want to know why you got into so much trouble at the mall so I know
what to expect while you live here Caleb. I think that's a fair question,
after all I am letting you live with all of us so don't you think I deserve
to know more about you?""I don't know Tommy.""Well I want to know a few more things Caleb, like did Lucas catch you
spying on him.""Please don't make me talk about that Tommy it bothers me.""So that means you did spy on him and he caught you. What happened when he
did?""I don't want to talk about it.""Okay, we are done then. I am not going to force you to tell me something
you don't want to. I will go next door and talk to Mike about it and see if
he knows anything or maybe just talk to Bryan and Kate about letting you
live over there in the extra room.""Nooooo, please Tommy you told me you would protect me after I got hurt." "I did but I expected you to at least tell nymphet bbs pics me a little about how you
lived. Maybe the truth? You aren't stupid Caleb. You are eleven years old
and that is old enough to know right from wrong so if you can't tell me in
private about some of this stuff then why should I want ls nymphette
you to live with
me. I need to know stuff so I can trust you, isn't that fair?""Please don't make me talk about what happened with Lucas though it's not
fair!""What isn't fair is that you probably caused some trouble back at home by
spying on Lucas when he wasn't dressed didn't you?""No Tommy that isn't true and why would I want to see my brother naked?""Maybe because you like looking at naked boys?""No, that's just wrong.""Then why did you spy on Mike and Travis?""Because they were... making out Tommy they weren't naked.""So you like watching boys kiss?""Maybe a little.""Okay I guess if you won't tell me porn boys cp nymphets about Lucas I will have to live with
that but I will be watching you some since you don't trust me enough to
tell me everything I want. You can go now Caleb just remember you need to
prove to me that you aren't going to cause any problems around here.""I will be good Tommy I promise. I don't want to go anywhere else or live
back at the mall or something like that. I will be good, honest!""Okay then you can go."He got up and left like his ass was on fire. I have a feeling he will be
okay here but I also think he has a lot of curiosity issues and I wouldn't
be surprised if he got caught looking at someone naked in this house
sometime soon. I got up and went out to the top of the steps and yelled for
Zack. His door opened and he came out with Jordy."Hey boys, Zack its time for us to chat come with me."He walked past me and into my room. I looked at Jordan."See you later Jordy, I missed having you around maybe we can visit later.""I'd like that Tommy.""Okay."I went in and shut my door."So Zack I hear from DJ that your attitude has changed quite a bit and that
you actually were upset when I got hurt and you found out.""Yes Tommy, it bothered me a lot when you got shot. I was scared for you
and when I found out what happened all I wanted to do was make sure you
were going to be okay.""Why is that, I mean I am happy to hear about this but we haven't really
been on good speaking terms and before your punishment you and I really
weren't close, what changed Zack?""I don't know exactly, what I do know is that I want to stay here now
Tommy, I don't want to be away from my brother and I guess I wanted you to
trust me.""That could happen but after setting the fire and causing problems like
fighting nasty underage nymphets and arguing with Jordan it's going to take some time.""I know Tommy and I just hope you give me a chance to prove I am okay with
stuff now.""I will give you that chance Zack. What about Jordan though? What if I want
to see him again are you okay with that?""Its not my decision Tommy, I got in the way last time because I was trying
to control Jordan and I know that is wrong now even if I don't like what
you guys are doing.""Is it that you don't like it or you want to be a part of it?"He looked at me and thought about what I asked."I might have been a little jealous Tommy because you paid more attention
to my brother then me but I know I was wrong with how I showed it and I do
want another chance to prove to you that it's okay now.""Do you want to spend time with me too Zack?""It would be nice if we were able to talk sometimes without me feeling like
I was wrong and maybe if anything happened while I was alone with you it
could be okay.""I see, so if we might talk and something happened that lets say... I might
have accidentally touched you somewhere you wouldn't be upset?"He got up and walked over to me."Where would you touch me Tommy?"I reached out and put my finger on his sweatpants."Right there?"I pointed right at his groin."I might like that if you did it Tommy.""Really so if I reach out and touch you there now what would happen?""I don't know. Why don't you try it and see."I did what he said and I touched him right where I thought his cock might
be. I found nothing the first two times and then on the third feel I found
my target. I gave it a little squeeze and looked at him."Is that what I think it is?"He shook his head yes."And how did that feel?""I am not sure Tommy you might need to do it again so I can give you a
better answer.""Oh... I understand."I reached out to the same spot again and felt around a little more and sure
enough he appeared to have grown a little harder."Well it seems I might have found something a bit stiff in there. Should I
check further to see what it is?""Yes, please."I felt around again and sure enough he was hard or close to hard now."I guess these sweats need to come down so I can check more? Is that a
problem?""Sure Tommy but first can I go lock the door?""Good idea Zack."He walked over locked my door and came back to the same spot he was in
before. I reached out and grabbed hold of his sweats and looked up at
him. I gave a small tug and they came down some. I looked up at him."You okay with this?""Oh yeah."I reached back and pulled more and his sweats fell down to his
thighs. Poking through his boxers was a bit of a stiffie. I reached out and
felt it through his boxers and watched as his eyes shut. I gave it a few
good squeezes and then ran my fingers over the outline of it."I am afraid these are going to have to come down, I need to check you
further."He reached for the waist band and pulled them down immediately and exposed
his hard cock to me. It was a foot from my face and standing straight out
and pointing at me."Very nice..."He looked at me and smiled."See how well this works Zack. All you had to do was try this before and we
would have had no problems.""I know Tommy I guess I should have asked instead of getting mad at Jordy."I didn't reply I just reached out, grabbed his hard tool, and stroked it a
few times."Wow that feels so awesome!"I gave him a few more strokes as his eyes closed and he was off now
enjoying my touch. I noticed a wet spot on the head of his cock almost
immediately."Looks like someone is enjoying this?"He opened his eyes and looked at me."More then I can tell you Tommy.""Are you close yet Zack?""No but I can be if I have to.""Let's get this over with if you don't mind because I am starting to get
tired and I might need to lie down.""Sure Tommy. I can get there really fast."I went back to stroking his nice hard five inches and he started bucking a
little with my stroke. He was a little wetter now and I knew he was almost
there. Another thirty seconds of playing with the head of his cock and he
let out a gasp. I stroked him a few more times and he let out a quick gasp."I'm ready Tommy." He whispered.I sped up with all I had left in my good arm and within a good fifteen
seconds he fired off his first shot of cum and it flew straight out onto
the floor. It was followed quickly by the next two shots that landed close
to the first on the floor, I squeezed some and milked him before his hand
took over and I stopped, I watched him float off some as he stood there and
stroked his hard cock. Mine was raging in my pants now too but I wasn't
gonna go there the way I felt. About a minute after I stopped he let go of
his cock and opened his eyes."Damn that was good. I am sorry I waited so long.""Yeah me too, you felt really good Zack. Maybe next time we will do a
little more.""Is it okay if I go clean up some?""Yes and when you come out grab a few paper towels so you can wipe the rug
clean. I don't want to step in that later.""No problem Tommy."He pulled his boxers and sweats up some and walked into my bathroom with
them half way down. I got a great view of his cute ass. I waited and
listened as I heard the water run and toilet flush and a few minutes later
he came out dressed carrying a few towels. He cleaned up and threw them
out."Maybe when I feel a little better we can play again.""That would be awesome.""Yes and it's your turn so maybe we can see how much you like to return the
favor.""Okay Tommy, no problem I think I can make you happy.""Sure Zack, you better get going before Jordan starts to wonder what is
happening.""Okay, thanks a bunch that was really hot!"He unlocked the door and headed out."Leave it open Zack.""Okay Tommy."That took care of him, but now I need to cum but I am tired. I went and lay
on my bed for a bit. I fell asleep and when I woke up it was dark out. My
door was still open but the only light was coming in from the hall. I sat
up and my head hurt so I put on the light next to the bed and grabbed the
other half of the pill that I took this morning. I drank down the last of
the water next to my bed and slowly got up. I went over to the small
refrigerator in the corner of my room and opened it. I took out a fresh
bottle of water and opened it and drank some more. It was nice having a
stocked refrigerator in my room at times like this. I used it so rarely
that I sometimes forget its there. I sat down on my bed and waited for the
pill to kick in. About five minutes into waiting Jon came to the door."Nice to see you are finally awake TJ.""I had a good sleep but I have some pain now.""You want anything?""Yes, you over here right next to me."I patted the bed and he came over immediately."What else can I do for you?""Just this..."I leaned out and he realized what I was gonna do so he leaned in to me. Our
lips met and we kissed. I held that as long as I could and finally I backed
away and looked at Jon."I missed that most of all Jonathan.""Me too. I am so glad you are back TJ."I reached out my hand and brought it to his crotch."I missed this too but we don't have to go there right now.""Are you hungry?""Just for this." I said as I gave his cock a squeeze through his pants."And yeah I am getting there. Feel like making me some dinner?""I would love to."He leaned in and gave me another quick kiss and then he got up."Come on big man I'll walk you down to your table."I laughed and got up slowly. He did as he said and walked with me to the
kitchen and I sat on a stool while he went to the refrigerator."Are you in the mood for anything special TJ?""Yes, cock!""TJ, come on stop busting my balls."I laughed and so did he. Then Kyle walked in."About time I found you big brother.""Hey KY, Jon was just about to make me something to eat.""Good then we can child nymphets nude both make you dinner, okay if I help you Jon?""Sure Kyle beautiful non nude nymphette
I don't care."Kyle looked at me."What do you want?""Don't say it TJ!" Jon yelled out.I thought for a second and then started to laugh loudly. Kyle looked
totally puzzled as Jon joined me."Okay, what's so funny?""I just asked him that before you came in and..." Jon stopped for a second."Let me guess... Kyle said. He said something stupid like dick or a piece
of ass?""Yup, not that but close KY, I said... I told him cock.""That figures. He looked at Jon. Its great to have him back isn't it?""Sure is. The house wasn't the same without his stupid comments."They both laughed."Excuse me, hungry guy over here!" I said jokingly.They both looked at me."So what do you want to eat?" They both said almost in unison."I really don't know what is in the fridge?""There is some cheese and mac left over and some baked tuna salad.""Okay let me guess Ben cooked while I was out?""He sure did and boy did we eat good.""Great, it takes my death for someone to cook besides me."Both of them looked at me and they weren't smiling."TJ that's not even close to funny." Jon said."Yeah bro, come on we wish you could have cooked for us or taken us out
don't say stuff like that okay?""I'm sorry guys I was just making light of it.""We know but it hurt a lot while you were up there in bed and we didn't
know what to do for you.""Okay enough mushy stuff before you both make me cry, take out the tuna
salad, and let me try that."Kyle grabbed it and scooped some out onto a plate and put it into the
microwave for me. Jon poured me a glass of milk and brought it over to my
seat. He set three spots."Kyle you eating with us?""Yup."
"Good I want some mac and cheese."He took two helpings of that out and when mine was done he heated them and
then the three of us sat down to eat as a family. So to speak. Before I
could get a bite Shawn came in."Hey what smells so good? And why are you three eating without me!"I started to laugh."Don't look at me, this time I was waited on.""Well I want some too. What are you eating?""Tuna salad.""Ewwwwwwwww! What are you eating Kyle?""Mac and cheese, Shawn,""That sounds better.""Okay you aren't helpless go get a plate and scoop some in and heat it in
the microwave."He looked at me and then went and did what I said."Look TJ, Shawn is actually making himself something to eat!" Jon said
busting him.Shawn turned around and looked at Jon and stuck his tongue out. I almost
choked on the mouthful I had when I started laughing."TJ are you okay?" Shawn said as he rushed to me.I swallowed and coughed again."Yes cutie I am fine thanks, I swallowed wrong when I laughed.""Well no laughing!" he said with a straight face.Of course that made all three of us laugh and he got all flustered and
walked back over to the microwave that now dinged and his food was done. He
joined us and as usual one by one the boys smelled food and started to come
in. Ben came down and asked me how I liked the food and I told him it was
great. He joined us and it didn't take long for the leftovers to get
finished and before we were done boys were grabbing bowls and making cereal
because they were too lazy to do anything else."Typical, I said, lazy, lazy boys! I yelled at all of them as they grabbed
cereal. You guys are so weak and lazy!"They started to laugh. Billy looked at Joey."He is back Joe, isn't it great?"
I smiled. As they kidded with me."Yes it is. I said. It sure is!"Everyone slowly finished eating and for once I just sat and watched. The
boys looked at me and most of them said something nice or just smiled but
every one of them cleaned up after they were done and Jon took care of my
spot and all the dishes went into the dishwasher."Okay boys I am sooooo impressed. I am going to ask a question. I had the
attention of all fourteen of them. Who wants ice cream?"They went wild on a somewhat calmer level but nevertheless some screamed
and hooted and hollered. Making me feel even more like I was missed."Can you drive?" Kyle asked."Sure, well I think I can. Let's go find out."I got up and walked out of the kitchen with fourteen boys following me. I
put my coat on and felt like I had an audience but they too did the
same. They followed me out into the cold and few inches of snow as I
approached the garage door."I got it!" DJ said. As he went over and opened the door.I went in and got into my truck, slowly but without help. I wiggled my ass
into place and put the key into the ignition. It started and they cheered."Yes I can drive! I said when they got quiet. Some one go shut the door
unless those of you without coats are all getting them."A few minutes later I was slowly backing out of the garage and I started
down the hill with all of them inside the truck. It was crowded but they
all fit some how. It's just getting tough to drive with all of them in here
now that we have added Caleb to the group. It was tight before but another
body just adds more to fit in. I took my time and was questioned by Jon,
Kyle, and Shawn about how I felt and I almost said the wrong thing after
the third cutest nymphets time. I bit my tongue and drove on. We got there and got out. I
took my time as they watched me like a nude 16 nymphets hawk and reached in I grabbed my gun
from under the seat since no one else brought one. I gave it to Kyle and he
went in first as I stood and watched once again. He came out quickly and
said it was fine and we all piled into the store."I can't scoop so someone needs to do it." I said."I will!" Jeremy said.He is becoming more and more helpful now I guess we might need to add him
to the group of leaders if he keeps this up. He looked at me."Tommy you get first this time!"No one argued. I felt like king! It was awesome. For the first time I got
to sit and enjoy my ice cream before anyone else got some. I took a little
and waited for most of the boys to get theirs. Everyone watched and for
some reason no one ate until I did. I waited for Jeremy to finish even
though mine was melting some. Everyone was seated and I stood up."Guys!" I yelled out.They looked at me."I just want to say thanks; russian nude model nymphets
I raised my cup of ice cream. Here's to all of
you! I love you guys!"They cheered and I sat and we all started to eat, I almost cried but I held
it back as I got cautious hugs from Kyle and Jon who were seated next to
me. Boy did it taste good this time too! We all made small talk as we
ate. Some went back for more and others just sat there. I ate and took it
all in as I thought about things, mostly how great it was to be alive once
again. By the time we were all back in the truck it had begun snowing again
and I took my time driving back. We made it without a problem and everyone
entered from the garage this time as I pulled the truck in and shut the
door as they got out. Everyone was happy and they all went nymphet por pics
their own way as
my boys helped and stood by me as I walked upstairs."Thanks guys." I said.Kyle, Jon, and Shawn were at my side."I'm gonna get into bed and read a little so you guys can go play or do
whatever."It was just about 8pm and the snow was coming down a little heavier as I
looked outside before I got into bed. I was in my tee shirt and just
boxers. My door was shut most of the way but open enough incase someone
needed me. I grabbed Harry Potter and started to get back into it. About
thirty or so minutes into it my eyes got heavy and I put the book down in
my lap and closed them. I fell asleep for a while and someone came in and
called my name. That woke me. I opened my eyes and looked up it was DJ."What do you want and what time is it?""Sorry Tommy, your door was open so I thought you were awake. It's a little
after 10pm.""I'm awake now, what can I do for you?""Nothing Tom, I'm sorry I woke you up. You can go back to sleep and I'll
shut your door.""DJ you came to visit me, wake me up and then leave... I don't think
so. You wanted something or you wouldn't have come in here so spill
it... what's up?""Okay Tommy its just that before, ya know earlier when I was here things
were going to well... and I really don't trust anyone else here and nymphets india Cameron
is way too far away so...""You came back because you wanted more?""Yes. I feel like I am being... like its wrong but you were starting to
really get to me when Todd yelled and... I guess I wanted to know if you
could go further.""I can probably do something DJ but remember I am hurt and limited to how
much I can do.""I know Tommy and if you don't want to I totally understand.""I never said I didn't want to... how long has it been since you moved in?"I know you don't really turn anyone away.""Yeah something like that... so how long has it been since you blew a
load?""Mmmmm, probably two days, why?""Because I just wanted to know, besides why did you wait so long?""I don't know really, sometimes I just don't feel like doing it so I
don't. Other times I can't get enough.""Yeah I think I understand what you mean.""So do you think we can get back to where we were when we got interrupted?
That was so hot I was almost ready to cream in my boxers.""Well don't do that, it's such a waste. At least let me stroke it out of
you.""Damn, even that makes me start to get...""Easy there big guy... I want to enjoy this just as much as you since you
came back. Go over and make sure the door is locked and then we will try
and recreate this morning's fun.""Yes!" he said as he pumped his fist pre nymphets free pics and headed to lock the door.He quickly came back over and sat next to me."Well don't sit there. You want some fun how do you want to do this?""Honestly I just want to get off. I have been thinking about this since
this morning like I said and you had me going... I just want you to make
me... cum.""Lay back."He did as he was told. He was wearing a white collared shirt and a nice
pair of sweats. I reached out as he watched and moved closer like I did
earlier in the day. I could see the anticipation in his eyes and hear him
breathe as I watched his belly rise and fall. I touched where I thought his
cock would be and I guess I got lucky and found a part of it. After that
his eyes closed and I ran my finger up and down the outline of it. In
sweats it was easy to do. He grew with every pass of my finger and before
long the lump was hard and stretching out his sweats."Time for them to come off now DJ."He sat up pulled them down and kicked them off. Within seconds he was in
only his boxers down below his waist. I ran my finger over the same area
which was quite easy to find now. I outlined his hard tool and continued to
run my finger up and down it for a while. He lay motionless taking all this
in as I watched his belly rise and fall a little quicker now. Before long
there was a wet spot on his boxers and that signaled to me that it was time
to move along."Okay let's get to the real fun."DJ quickly lifted his butt and body off my bed and without hesitating
pulled his boxers down exposing his huge man meat to me. He stood up tall
as he eyed it for a second then looked at me. He smiled as did I before
putting his body back down on my bed. I admired his large tool sizing it up
with my eyes for a second. At least seven inches I thought. Finally with
nothing left to do I reached out and grabbed it softly. He still jumped and
opened his eyes to watch for a few seconds. I stroked my hand up and down
it and that made him shut his eyes again. I played with the tip messing his
wetness on my finger and then running my wet fingertip around and around
his cock head causing him to get goose bumps and squirm after a few circles
on his delicate and soft reddening head. I grabbed it with my hand and felt
its enormity, stroked it several times and then got a rhythm going. I had
more then I could handle since none of the others I played with ever had so
much going for them. Up and down my hand went running the entire seven plus
inches over and over. He was close now, his body actions gave it away
easily and there was little left to do but grope his balls some. This not
only made him open his eyes to watch nymphets portal tgp but he jumped at my touch to his most
sensitive oval parts."Easy Tommy please they are real sensitive when I get hard. It's just how I
am.""Sure DJ, sorry."I played a bit feeling every spot of skin on them and wanting to go down
between his legs and check for more but I didn't. I worked my way back up
to his hard cock and played with his cockhead until he once again squirmed
practically begging me to stop without saying so. I stroked him quickly up
and down as I totally enjoyed playing with such a large piece of meat. The
only thing I didn't do was take it in for a taste even though I was very
tempted to. I didn't know how he would react to a blow job but incest stories nymphet I still hurt
so I wasn't going to try bending over. As I sped up he gasped and let out a
few soft moans."Tommy I am getting there. Are you ready?""Sure big boy give me your best shot."That was what he did... a few more strokes and he was pumping shot after
shot of hot cum out and up onto his white shirt. Three, then four solid
jets of cum splattered up and down his lower belly on his shirt and on his
pubic hair above his cock. I pumped what I could out of him before his hand
took over and he stroked the rest of his orgasm out of it. I watched in
amazement as his once huge cock started to shirk back to around four semi
soft inches. I so badly wanted a taste of that. After a good minute he
finally sat up and looked at me."Wow that was unreal.""So was what you left behind on your shirt."He looked down."Yeah I guess I did make a mess."He pulled his shirt off leaving just an undershirt on his upper body. His
lower body was still a sight to behold as his cock flopped down and sat
between his legs. He stood up and I watched it. I was almost mesmerized by
it and he saw me looking."You like that huh?""Enough to want more DJ. You are welcome back anytime and next time you do
come back I want to taste that!""Damn, how about tomorrow?"I laughed."If that is what you want then I will make time for you."He smiled."I need to clean up Tommy.""Use my bathroom and take what you want with you or leave it until you are
ready to go."He strolled off and I watched his totally awesome rock hard ass cheeks as
he left walking away naked from the belly down. Damn I was in love with his
body! What a big, big sweet looking boy! After washing up he came out cock
still swaying and walled over to me."You better put something on before I go for another round on you big boy!"He smiled at me and grabbed his boxers and pulled them up. The show was
over. I was a little disappointed but I am sure there will be lots more
from how he just reacted."Thanks for everything Tommy. I will be back and maybe when you feel better
I can see if I can return the favor.""I'd like that a lot DJ. Thanks.""No, thank you!" he smiled.With that he grabbed his clothes, walked over and unlocked my door, checked
to see if the hall was clear and then walked down to his door as I watched
his now covered hot ass all the way down to his room. He looked back at me
waved a second and entered inside his room. My heart beat happily in my
chest as the biggest stud in the house just got owned by me. Now I was
definitely ready for bed and I fixed the bed as best as I could before
getting in. Almost like he was watching... no more than five minutes later
Shawn walked in shutting the door behind him."I am ready for bed TJ okay if I join you?""Sure love, but would you mind helping me take a bath first?""Sure TJ want me to go start the water?""Yeah if I don't take one now I am gonna hate myself in the morning.""Okay... it will be ready for you in a little bit then I will walk you in
and wash you if you want.""I would love nothing more sweetie. Thanks."Off he went and within seconds the water was filling the tub. I stripped
down and went over to lock the door before I headed into the bathroom. When
I got in he was naked and I looked at him and shook my head."Why did you take nymphet ukranian your clothes off?""Because I wanted to be with you and I didn't want them wet.""All right."I walked over and he grabbed me as I lifted my leg up and over the side of
the tub. I stood in it as the warm water slowly rose up my legs."Is it warm enough TJ?""Its perfect love, thank you."I looked over at my shower and wondered how long it would be until I could
take one very nymphette porno again."TJ you still have blood on your back and a few other places. Jon and me
tried cleaning you as much as we could but we didn't want to hurt you or do
anything we weren't comfortable with so we just let you be.""Thanks but now we can get it all off and I will feel clean again in a
little bit."I sat down and the warm water felt great on my lower body and my
balls. They were a little ripe but I didn't care at the moment everything
was good in the world again and Shawn was about to help me clean up and
then we would have a great sleep together. He soaped up a cloth and
carefully washed my back and then I let him do my belly. I stood up and he
soaped up his hand and stroked my cock. I was so horny after a full day of
playing with the boys and not cumming for so long little naked nymphet that his touch and stroke
brought me close almost instantly."Shawn you better stop or I will cum all over and I am sure it will be a
total mess after not doing that in a long time.""Its okay TJ I am undressed and so what? If I get any on me I will shower
while you dry.""I am gonna need your help love. You have to dry me or at least part of
me.""Oh yeah. I don't care I will clean up when you are done.""Okay..."He went back to pulling on my hard cock and seconds later I let out a yell
and tried to steady myself. I started firing away as my eyes closed tightly
and I fought to keep my balance. All I know is it was one of the best
orgasm's I could remember because I wound up fashion nymphets
against the back wall and
Shawn was standing over me trying his best to keep me from falling."Boy, am I glad you are finally back... you almost passed out standing TJ!""You don't have to tell me cutie I felt it.""You are lucky I could steady you or else we would both be in the tub.""Sorry love,""Its okay. After all I caused it and you sure got me too!"I looked at him and he was full of my cum... at least a few of my shots hit
him."How much hit you?""I'm not sure--I was too busy trying not to get hit in the face and hold
you up but I know a lot or all of it. You started firing away and then
almost fell over. I held you with

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