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Nymphets for free Nymphets for free


Related post: Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2006 15:24:32 -0800 (PST)
From: T Storm
Subject: Turn of Events 12Disclaimer: This story deals with homosexual men. If it offends you, X out
of the story and read something else. If you are not 18, do not read. And
if you want a fast fuck story, go elsewhere; this is not a fast sex story,
but more of a love story. If that does not interest you, do not waste your
time reading. Otherwise, enjoy. Email me for any kind of comments.Note: I apologize for the long delay. I had written half this chapter
awhile back and was stuck on it for so long. A bad case of writer's
block. But then an amazing guy emailed me and got me writing again. He's my
inspiration. I think I'm falling for him, but that's a different
story. Happy reading everyone!
Chapter 12
"Things have not changed one bit," I said smiling goofily as I stuffed a
large spoonful of coffee chocolate fudge ice cream into my mouth."Not where Jet and ice cream is concerned," Lawrence said good naturedly as
he made a milkshake with Jet's huge ass supply of frozen goodies."So how's school going?" I asked.Lawrence shrugged. "Not bad. I mean, school is school. Wish I didn't have
to, but I do.""I hear that," I agreed."It's good being with Jet. I mean, going to the same school. I'd be going
out of my mind if I had to think about her little nymphet sex bbs all alone in Florida with these
ridiculously tan, tall, vulture guys hitting on her," he said sounding
annoyed.I snorted. "I never thought you were the jealous type."Lawrence grinned sheepishly. "I'm usually not, Pete. But over here, in
Texas, I never really felt any competition. She hated Texas guys, well most
of them. And anyway, going to Florida, these guys hitting on Jet seemed to
pop up everywhere. It doesn't help she's super jock, which really seems to
attract the opposite sex."I laughed. "I guess. Even I thought it was cool she was so into
sports. She's more into sports than I am."He shot me a glance sideways."And it's not because I'm gay," I said rolling my eyes.Lawrence laughed. "How come you didn't tell me?"I shrugged. "Never came up. It would have been an awkward conversation
starter and I didn't feel like going into it."At that moment Jet bounded down the stairs with Grant behind her."Ugh, and Grant looks like one of those surfer Florida guys," Lawrence
muttered beside me.I choked slightly on my ice cream and shot him a smile."Don't worry Lawrence. With the things we've done together, he is
definitely not going for Jet," I said winking at Lawrence."Seriously, too much info," Lawrence said opening his arms up to Jet as she
walked over."How was the tour of the house?" I asked Grant.Grant smiled shyly and stuffed his hands inside his pockets. He was still a
little shy and reserved around my friends, since they knew he was gay. It
must have been a new experience for him, never having been out before."It was ok," he said quietly, edging closer to me. I smiled at him lovingly
as I clasped his wrist gently."Just ok?" Jet exclaimed pretending to be offended. "I showed you all my
weaponry and even gave you a demo!""A demo?" Lawrence and I asked at the same time."Yeah, as I showed him some moves and combinations, using my weapons. You
know, a demo," Jet said shrugging as if it were no big deal.I glanced at Grant."It kind of scared me. A lot of the things were sharp," he said
blushing. "And she was moving fast. And too close to me," he said shyly. I grinned. I touched his side and rubbed gently. He smiled at me, his
blue eyes gazing at my lips before moving up to my eyes."Well, I'd never hurt you Grant," Jet said dismissively. "Come on Lawrence,
let's bring the food out to grill," she said grabbing her boyfriend's arm.Once they were gone, I leaned over and placed a soft kiss on his lips.He licked his lips. "Mm, coffee."I laughed. "Yeah, want some?" I asked holding up my spoon.He shook his head but pulled me closer, his warm hands encircling my waist
as he pressed his lips against mine, pushing his tongue into my mouth. I
felt his tongue rolling around my tongue and grazing the roof of my mouth
and the gums.He pulled back and smiled. "Mm, tasted good."I laughed and swatted his arm."So they're cool right?" I asked him, referring to Jet and Lawrence.Grant nodded. "Of course. I just still feel all weird. Being back here and
stuff. Normally, I'd be with Blair doing something dumb or whatever. Plus,
it's weird having Jet and Lawrence knowing about me. I've been so used to
hiding and stuff, I don't know how to act."I rubbed his shoulder reassuringly. "Just be yourself."He breathed out. "Yeah.""So, I haven't called David to let him know I'm in the area. When do you
want to go there?" I asked.Grant looked tense suddenly. "Oh, jeez, I pretenn delete nymphet don't know."I squeezed his shoulder. "Don't worry, remember? See how you feel, ok?"Grant nodded. "Umm, I guess whenever you plan on going then."I shrugged. "Well, we just got here. I want to enjoy things with my friends
and you before all hell nymphet kidz breaks loose."His eyes widened with alarm.I became serious instantly. "That was a bad joke. My bad."Jet poked her head inside. "The food is almost done if you guys want to
come out," nymphets tgp galleries she said.I nodded. "Be right out."I took his hand and tugged him along with me to the backyard.
"Wow, I had no idea Jet had a gay Dad," Grant said with wide eyes as he got
into bed beside me.I kissed his nose."Yup. See why she's so cool?"He nodded, still in awe. "Yeah, wow."I ran my hand along his stomach, feeling the firm bbs cute nymphets muscles rippling as he
shifted closer to me. I pulled his body against mine and sighed, enjoying
the warmth coming off of him."This is nice," I murmured."Mm.""So, I realized," I began. Grant looked at me expectantly."That I have spent practically every single day with you since the
beginning of October and it's almost the end of May and I'm still not sick
of you."Grant looked amused. "Were you expecting to?"I chuckled. "No. Well maybe," I admitted. I held up my hand when he looked
offended."It's just that I get sick of people really easily, if I see them too
much. Like, with Julie and Danny, I didn't feel that way, but neither of
them lived with me and saw me throughout the school day as well, you know?
It's just new to me, to be this close to someone and wanting to be with
them all the time," I said looking at him. "I never thought that would
happen, but it has with you."Grant smiled and rubbed my forearm. "I understand how you feel."I kissed him lightly."Want to do stuff?" I asked grinning mischievously.Grant looked shocked. "Her Dad is home!"I shrugged. "Please, it's not like they don't do things," I said. "And Jet
is staying over at Lawrence's tonight. You know what they're doing. Come
on, let's be like everyone else and have sex."He laughed at my rationalization."You must be horny," he said shaking his head."For you, always," I said kissing him again, harder this time as I shoved
my tongue into his mouth forcefully. I immediately felt Grant nymphete nudes
kissing me
back and as he shifted a bit, I felt his hardness poking me."So, you're interested then?" I murmured against his lips.Grant grunted. "Mm, I definitely am now."I chuckled as he kissed me firmly."You can't be too loud," Grant whispered. "You know how you get loud."I bit on his lip. "You're one to talk.""Ok, we'll both be quiet," Grant said pushing me down onto the bed and
pinning my hands to the bed as his tongue roamed my mouth. I shifted my
legs around, trying to get some leverage, but Grant was heavier than I was
and I felt helpless. I didn't mind feeling helpless under Grant, but it was
fun to romp around before sex.To rectify the situation, I lifted my leg up and nudged his stomach with my
knee. He pulled away slightly and looked down at me. I swiftly pushed
upwards, propelling my torso, and managed to throw Grant off balance. He
flopped heavily on his back, staring at me with his blue eyes wide with
surprise and I quickly moved up and straddled him. I grinned down at his
beautiful, stunned face."You may be stronger and bigger my dear Grant, but I'm smaller, more agile,
and faster," I said smugly.He made to move back up, but I pushed him back down, my hands planted on
his chest. I watched as his blond curls spread out on the pillow case."I want to be on top," I said, straddling his waist.Grant mock pouted. "You're always on top."I shot him a stern look. "Are you complaining about our sex life?" I asked.I then put on a sad, little nymphets nude rompl hurt face. He sighed and rolled his eyes, smiling at
me as he shut his mouth and made a big show of zipping it up and locking
his lips. He then handed me the key."Thank you," I said. "Now we can get on with this," I said as I lowered his
boxers, letting his hard cock pop out. I lifted my ass up and lined his
cock up to my hole. Grant touched my chin and I looked at him.He signed `I love you'.I smiled and shook my head. I leaned down and kissed his lips, biting on it
gently."You can talk, silly," I murmured. "Especially to say that, my silly
blond."Grant grinned at me adorably, his eyes shining before they glazed over with
pleasure as I sank virgins nymphets models down onto him.
"David, David," I said as he hugged the life out of me when he engel nymphets answered the
door.Grant stood by, watching with amusement, his hands stuffed into his
pockets. I caught his eye and he grinned at me. I shot him a dirty look
for his lack of help."Sorry Pete," David said smiling widely as non nude little nymphets he released me and took a step
back, peering at me. "It's just so good to see you," he said. "It's been so
long.""Yeah, sorry," I said not knowing what else to say.David shook his head. "Don't be sorry. I understand. Life gets busy, being
in college and all," he said slapping my arm. "Come in, have something to
eat."We stepped inside as David closed the door."Nice to see you again Grant," David said. "How are you liking NYU?"David didn't know about our relationship littlenymphettes yet, but he just assumed Grant had
run into me at NYU and since we were friends in Texas, we just continued
our friendship.Grant smiled awkwardly, looking nervous. "It's great. Hard, but great.""Is New York as great as Pete always says it is?" David asked."Yeah, it's awesome. So much to do there. Never a dull moment. Never a
quiet moment. But the people there are kinda mean and rude, and pushy."I laughed. "Yeah, I guess we kinda are."David waved us in, motioning us towards the kitchen. Kelly's cooking wafted
into my nostrils. Some things never changed. I kind of liked that though. I
missed the stability.The three of us walked inside and Kelly greeted us all, smiling like she
was in a Miss America pageant or something, her blond hair coiffed
perfectly, her smile as bright as ever. But she didn't seem so annoying
this time."Hi," I said smiling genuinely."Come on, sit, sit," she said ushering us to the table.I took a seat where I normally sat when I lived here. Grant, instead of
sitting across from me like he used to, sat next to me. David took notice
and cocked his head, eyeing us."Blair, lunch!" Kelly called out.I heard footsteps bounding down the stairs and then Blair emerged. He
looked like he got bulkier, but he was still tan, not as tan as Grant, but
tan. His dirty blond hair was cut short and his blue eyes were icy as he
looked at me and then at Grant who sat beside me.He sat down across from me without saying a word, but instead looked young nymphetts nude down
at his plate.I glanced at Grant out of the corner of my eye and noticed he looked
hurt. I felt anger boiling in my stomach but didn't know what to do or say
without sweetnymphets biz
outing Grant.Grant licked his lips and looked nervously at Blair. I could tell he was
trying to decide what to say to him. Kelly was oblivious as she fussed
with the food; David was eyeing the whole situation curiously."Hey Blair," Grant said in a quiet voice.Blair glared at Grant, not saying a word.David sighed. "Blair.""I'm not talking to him. We're not friends anymore."Grant visibly flinched."Blair!" David exclaimed."Asshole," I muttered.Blair ignored me. "He just left, David! We had everything all planned
out. Going to college, being roommates, playing football, double dating and
you just bailed!" Blair said angrily to Grant. "I thought I was your best
friend and then you meet him," Blair hissed nudging his chin at me. "And
then you decide you hate Texas and then you pick up and leave? Just like
that? You're not a friend, and certainly not a best friend!"Grant looked like he got punched and his facial expression was pained. I
had to resist the urge to hug him and kiss him in front of everyone."Meathead, he can't help it nymphette naked if he saw the light and decided to make a
change for himself. There is life outside of this little hole called
Texas," I sneered.Blair really looked pissed now."Pete," David said sternly.Ah, step brother fighting. Just like the good ol' days. Brings back
memories."This is all your fault," Blair snapped. "Coming here and acting like
you're some big shit. Thinking your better than everyone. Grant was fine
before you came along, until you messed with his head.""Blair, I wasn't happy," Grant said in a small voice. "I hated it here. I
got tired of my Dad and playing football all the time. I wanted to see what
else was out there."Blair looked at him sharply. "You never told me that. And you never had
those feelings until-"Grant interrupted him. "I did Blair. I always did. Since I was 15. I just
didn't know how to voice it to anyone. I didn't want to disappoint you or
your family. You were all so great to me all these years. You're like my
brother. How could I tell you I wanted to leave and find myself or explore?
I knew you'd react this way."Blair fumed for a bit, looking away.Finally, he looked back at Grant, less angry. "You could have said
something you know. You used to tell me everything. If you had said you
were unhappy, I would have understood. Instead you acted like an asshole,
being a bad roommate, fucking up our games, ditching me all the time. How
do you think that made me feel, man? I thought something was wrong with
you."Grant looked apologetic. "I'm sorry Blair. I don't know what was going on
in my head. I didn't want it to be that way, you know. I miss you. You're
still my brother."I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.Who would want that loser as a brother? I didn't even want him as a step
brother. Hell, I didn't want him as a friend or acquaintance.Blair smiled slightly. "Yeah, whatever."Grant grinned."Are you coming home for the summer?" Blair asked. "You can stay with us,
you know?" Blair said.For a moment, I didn't hate Blair. I realized he was just an angry guy who
missed his best friend. It was probably how Danny felt when I was with
Doug.Too bad my sympathy couldn't last for Blair; the guy was such a dick.Grant blinked and stammered. "Um, no, I don't think I'm coming back. I'm
actually staying with Pete."David looked surprised as I hadn't mention that before and Blair looked
outraged."With him?" he practically snarled. "Since when are you nymphet models russian two so tight?""Relax man. I own two nymphetas nonude apartment houses there. He rents one room, another
guy rents another room," I lied easily.Grant looked at me and frowned, but I smiled reassuringly."So you're never going to come home again, ever? You're just gonna leave
everyone behind? People you've known your entire life?" Blair asked folding
his arms."Blair, I like New York. I feel better there," Grant said helplessly.Blair still looked pissed and didn't respond. Finally, he just got up and
stormed out of the house, slamming the front door loudly. The sound echoed
so loudly it made the four of us flinch.Kelly looked worried. David looked slightly confused. Grant look crushed.I looked, well probably looked if I could see my own reflection-
indifferent.Inside I was annoyed and angry with Blair for being such a jerk. Why
couldn't he be more understanding?I hated to see Grant looking so hurt. My baby."He'll come back honey," Kelly said smiling at Grant sympathetically. "Why
don't we just start eating ok?" she asked in a friendly tone.For a minute I was grateful for Kelly.So, we ate. It was actually a pretty good meal.How my taste buds had changed.*****************
I didn't get around to telling David about myself during lunch. We were
catching up on other stuff. He had tons of questions for me about school
and life and whatever.I figured I still had time; I could see him again during my extended stay
with Jet.Unfortunately Grant wasn't so pleased with my impeding coming out.After lunch, Grant and I walked back to Jet's house and home sex nymphet
passed an angry
Blair on the way. An angry Blair who refused to speak to Grant, brushing
past the both of us.When we got back to Jet's place, Jet and Lawrence were hanging by the pool,
but didn't invite us to join them. I think Grant's sulking expression
stopped them from being their overly cheerful selves.I followed Grant up to our room."Pete, you can't tell David about us," he said as soon as I closed the
door."What?" I asked. "I was only going to tell him about me.""Don't you see?" Grant asked whirling to face me. "If you tell them sexy nymphet you're
gay, they're going to know I am too. I can't hide it! We're too
obvious. Fuck!""Grant, calm down." He was pacing back and forth around the room."Don't tell me to calm down. You're always calm. It's not so easy for me!
God, my best friend hates me now!""You're better off," I snorted. Grant spun around to face me."Will you stop?" he snapped angrily.I froze and my mouth fell open a little."Stop being such an arrogant, obnoxious shit for one second, ok? Blair is
nothing to you, but he's someone important to me. Can you respect that,
huh?" he went on glaring at me.I closed my mouth and squared my shoulders. "Listen Grant, you know what
I'm about, ok? I don't want to hide who I am. I'm going to tell David about
me. I won't hide who I am just because you're scared of how you'll look in
front of your best friend," I mocked. "Who's a fucking asshole by the
way. A real bigoted loser, who you're better off without. Why can't you see
that?""God Pete, you're such an asshole sometimes. All you ever think about is
yourself!" he yelled."You're the one being chicken shit!""What happened about waiting until I was ready?" Grant asked."I didn't know that meant I had to wait also," I argued back. "You never
sad anything about that before we came here.""Well, maybe I need you to do this for me," Grant said looking at me
intently."For how models nymphets angels long?" I asked with wide eyes."Until I sort things out!" Grant said in frustration."When will that be?" I asked sarcastically. "One year from now? Longer? It
took you long enough to make up your mind to come to New York. I'm the
selfish one? You're the one who wants everyone to cater to you until things
feel right for you or you feel ready. Like, barging into my life when you
felt ready to be with me, not caring that I was with Doug! Did you know
much he was hurt? I hurt him, really hurt him, because I love you and
wanted to be with you! He was good to me, Grant. He took care of me when I
was feeling like shit. And now he's gone. We're not even friends anymore!"Grant looked like I had hit him. "You can't compare Doug to Blair! Blair
and I have been best friends for years!""It's not the time, Grant. What Doug and I had was quality. Your friendship
with Blair was based on a lie. Or at least the past few years of your
friendship was based on a lie. You can't even tell him about yourself or
the truth..""I can't do it!" he shouted. "I need more time or something. This is pics nymphets top too
hard. It's too much. I shouldn't have come!" he spat out angrily."Oh for fuck's sake Grant! Life is hard," I sneered, getting angry
myself. "Life isn't easy. You know that, with you mother leaving and your
abusive Dad. I know life isn't easy. You think I wanted my Mom to die, to
be gay young nymphet porn
and never give her the grandchildren she wanted? Or that I wanted to
break Doug's heart? A part of me did love him," I said. "If you hadn't come
back, I might still be with him."Grant looked a underground nymphet bit sick when I admitted that part."But that's life. It's hard and we all have to make choices and
decisions. They may not be the best choice or decision, but it has to be
the right one for us. You can't live your life for others! You'll be a
miserable shit forever!"Grant looked outraged. I'm sure I did too. I did mention that I had an
insane temper, right?"Fuck you, Pete!" he hissed. "This is hard for me, ok? I'm trying. Not
everyone can be as perfect as you, you know. Give the rest of us a break!""One of the reasons I wanted to come here was so I could be honest with
David!" I shot at him. "Now you're telling me I can't!"Grant panted, trying to catch his breath. His face looked flushed and his
brow was pinched together. I glared at him, with my arms folded, my mouth
feeling tight and clenched."What do you want me to do?" he asked, in a nasty tone, holding out his
arms. "Since you video nymphets have the answer for fucking everything!"I groaned in frustration and shook my head. "Forget you Grant," was all I
said as I walked out the room and slammed the door behind me. I passed Jet
and Lawrence on the way out of the living room. They looked worried."I'm going for a walk," I said curtly and then I walked out, slamming yet
another door.This was just so fucked up.
***************"Where the fuck did nymphet world nude you walk to?" Grant demanded angrily, when I entered
our bedroom later that evening.I looked at him nymphets lollipop coldly. "Around," I answered. I made to walk to the
bathroom, but he grabbed my arm and spun me around.I snatched my arm from his grip. "What the fuck?""You were gone for five hours!" he hissed. "You left your phone here! I was
worried about you!"I rolled my eyes. "I went for a walk and youg nymphet little then sat around, doing some
thinking, ok? I can take care of myself Grant.""That doesn't mean I don't worry about you," he shot back."Yeah, you worry what will happen to me physically, but you don't care how
I feel emotionally or mentally," nymphets gallerie I said evenly. His eyes widened and filled
with hurt. Grant flopped onto the bed and growled angrily, resting his
elbows on his knees, his fists clenching.Even though I was pissed, I had to admit that Grant looked amazingly hot
right now. He was brooding, his muscles in his arms twitching, his jaw
clenching, his blue eyes flashing. pantyhose nymphets He glared at me, his curls draping over
his eyes.I stood there, panting slightly as I became more aroused. Damn me and my
horniness. Being young meant I couldn't focus on my anger. Instead all I
could think about nymphets boys sex
was sex. Damn me.Grant must have sensed what I was feeling as he looked me up and
down. Well, he was young like me. He was another horny boy. Plus, make up
sex was the best type of sex young xxx nymphet ever. I licked my lips as I looked at him
hungrily.Grant shook his head and his face hardened. "No, Pete."I raised my brow in question."We're not going to ignore the issue by having sex," he said."Why can't we put the issue on hold and get right back to it after we have
sex?" I smirked walking closer to him as I kicked off my sneakers."Pete," Grant said firmly."Fine," I said nonchalantly. "I guess I'll have to take care of myself,
then," I said as I pulled off my shirt and slid my jeans past my hips, then
ankles.My boxers were tented and I could see Grant's eyes glued to it.I also noticed his own bulge in his pants. I smiled as I slowly eased my
boxers off, laying flat on the bed, writhing for effect. I spread my legs
apart, purposely. A small groan escaped Grant's lips. I wrapped my hand
around my hard cock and stroked slowly, letting out a moan. His breath
hitched."Fuck," he murmured.I looked at him with hazy eyes and smiled as I stroked faster, my eyes
rolling with pleasure."Fuck you Pete," Grant whispered."I was hoping you'd say that," I said as I roughly grabbed him behind his
neck and yanked his face down, sticking my tongue inside his mouth. Grant
moved on top of me, stretching out completely, his hands sliding up my
chest as he kissed me back."Damn you," he breathed out as he kissed me over and over again, his hand
coming down to grip my cock where he rubbed it teasingly with his thumb.I arched my back and hissed. "Grant," I whimpered.He growled in annoyance. "God, you're so beautiful," he said his hands
gripping my hips tightly.I reached for his jeans and tugged on them."Off," I ordered and Grant pulled his shirt over his head and stood up as
he shimmied out of his jeans and boxers.I lay on the bed, watching him strip, feeling waves of pleasure wash over
me just watching him undress. His tight, hard, muscular body was made up of
perfect angles and lines."Get over here," I said holding out my arms.Grant positioned himself over me once again and I spread my legs."Wait," Grant said as he hopped off of me again.I groaned. "Grant!""Coming baby," he said and he hopped back onto the bed, bouncing the both
of us slightly. I noticed he had a condom and a tube of lube.He pecked my lips and spread some lube onto his finger.I bit my lip as he slipped in a finger, straining my body as he touched my
spot."Faster Grant," I said and I felt a twinge of pain as he slid in a second
finger, more hurried."Go on," I urged.Grant pushed in a third and thrust in a few times, widening me up as he
squirted more lube into my hole.I wrapped my legs around his waist, nudging him closer. "Come on baby."Grant chucked the tube onto the floor and sheathed the condom over his
cock. By now he was an expert at that."Ready?"I nodded.I grabbed onto his arms for support as he pushed into me. Once his head
popped in, I pushed my ass back and we both let out groans. With one fast
shove, he was completely inside little nymphet of me."Oh god," I breathed out."Pete," he moaned into my neck as he remained still so I could adjust.My hands went to his ass and I pulled him into me more, indicating I was
ready. Grant was so turned on that his thrusts were short and fast. He
pounded into me nonstop and I felt my climax rapidly approaching."Almost there Grant," I said.He wrapped his hand around my aching cock and stroked furiously, sending me
into overdrive. I couldn't even comprehend that I was cumming. My orgasm
hit me so fast and I shouted, nearly seeing spots as the pleasure rippled
throughout my entire body."Grant!" I yelled as I lifted my hips up and down rapidly.Grant was grunting and then I felt him tense up as he hovered over me.He let out an animalistic cry as he pumped into me a bit more."Shit. Fuck. God. Pete," was all he got out as he breathed in large gasps
of air.I sighed as rubbed my hands over his sweaty chest, rubbing his nipples.He moaned. "No more Pete. You're killing me baby.""I love nymphet zoo
you," I said tugging on his hair.He opened his eyes and looked at me. A small smile came to his nymphettes teen sex face."God, I love you too baby.""I'm sorry," I said quietly."Me, too.""That was a fast fight," I said smiling.He chuckled. "Sex cures all.""Good one.""Thanks.""I can wait," I said quietly. "I'll wait for you. We're in this together
and that means we both have to be ready."Grant smiled and kissed my nose."No, don't. Blair can accept it or not. I can't structure my life around
what others think," Grant said firmly. "Not even him. I tried putting my
life on hold for other people before and it didn't work. I was so unhappy
and I almost lost you for good," he said looking at me sadly.I kissed him gently. "Let's take a few days to think about it anyway. No
need to run over there and proclaim our gayness. Let's just enjoy our
vacation, ok? No more fighting."Grant grinned. "What?" he asked in mock rage. "And have no more make up
sex?"I laughed. "What, you want to fight some more?"He pretended to think it over. I swatted his arm gently and he laughed,
kissing me gently on the lips."You snore when you sleep. It's annoying," he said, trying to goad me.I rolled my eyes. "You weigh too much. You crush me in my sleep. I think
you should go on a diet or hit the gym more."Grant's eyes widened, but they were full of laughter."That wasn't very nice Peter," he said trying to sound menacing and
serious."Aww, did I hurt your feelings? Are you going to punish me?" I drawled out,
licking his lips."Yeah, I think you're due for another pounding," he said pinning my wrists
together firmly."Will you pound extra hard if I say please?" I asked sweetly.Grant grinned and laughed. "Maybe.""Please?" I said widening my eyes.He laughed again and nuzzled my neck, sucking on it gently."I love you," he murmured in my ear.
Grant and I were walking at the park where we very nymphet sites had some of our little date
meetings during senior year. We were walking and sweating because of the
hot weather and naturally I was becoming more irritated.I hated hot weather. Grant grabbed me and pulled me into him. I looked at
him with confusion, until I felt rather than saw, two people on
rollerblades pass by. It was a guy and a girl and they appeared to be
racing. They were moving so fast, I couldn't get a good look at them, but
they seemed familiar somehow. The brown hair.Hmm.I had to check nymphets little kids
them out on the next lap. When I heard the sounds of the
couple approaching, I turned and looked at them closely. My eyes widened
and I started to smile. The girl screeched to a stop and swiveled around."Pete! Oh my god!" she squealed before she jumped onto me.I caught Stacey in my arms and laughed as her rollerblades hit my ass when
her legs came around my waist."Nice to see you too," I said."I had no idea you were visiting," she said looking at me."Well, my friends invited us," I said indicating Grant, "To visit, since
she was in Florida for school. So it's a happy reunion.""Pete."I noticed Stacey's brother, Deacon was also there. He was the other
rollerblader.I set Stacey on her feet and smiled at Deacon. "Hey man."Deacon grinned, his green eyes sparkling as he smiled."I didn't see you in New York," I stated.Deacon shrugged. "Finished school. Chilling at home for a bit, hanging with
my sister," he said wrapping his arm around her neck as Stacey pinched his
stomach.He returned his gaze back to me. "I plan on going there soon."His smile was nice and so were his eyes, but the way he was eyeing me made
me slightly uncomfortable since my boyfriend was standing right beside me.I glanced at Grant out of the corner of my eye and he was definitely tense,
picking up on the vibe Deacon was giving off.It didn't help that Deacon was really hot. He wasn't wearing a shirt and
sweating, his tan chest heaving as he breathed in air. He was a buff guy
and basically was a brunette, green eyed version of Grant, with those head
full of curls.Grant slapped my side and I looked at him. He was staring at me with his
eyes narrowed, obviously annoyed with the fact I was checking out Deacon,
who was still smiling at me by the way.I shot Grant a look in return, letting him know there was nothing I could
do. I wasn't going to be rude and ignore him. Grant frowned and his jaw
clenched as he inched closer to me."Hey, we should have lunch," Deacon said."Yeah!" Stacey chimed in with excitement.I laughed. "Well, you guys are in the middle of a workout."Deacon shrugged. "Nah, we're good, right Stace?"Stacey nodded. "Yah, I'm bushed.""Getting old?" Deacon smirked.Stacey nudged her brother."I'm gonna go home and shower. How about you Deacon?"Deacon wiped his chest. "I have to. I'm gross. A shower would be good."He turned to me and winked. "Want to come along Pete?"Stacey slapped his head. "Deacon!" she exclaimed, thinking he had offended
me.Deacon turned to her and they started a mini argument that I couldn't
listen in on because Grant had grabbed my wrist. I looked at him
questioningly."He's hitting on you," he hissed angrily."It doesn't mean anything, he's just flirty," I whispered back."I don't want to go to lunch with him."I frowned. "I want to see Stacey though.""I don't want him around," he said stubbornly.I sighed as I stared at his set jaw and defiant expression."What should I do then?" I asked him, feeling annoyed.Grant looked conflicted. Then his expression changed and he straightened
up, taking a hold of my hand firmly, intertwining our fingers. My eyes
widened as I looked at Stacey and Deacon who were still arguing. Finally
they looked at us and their eyes immediately fell to our joined hands.I gaped at Grant with a stunned expression. His attention was focused on
Deacon."So you are gay," Stacey said in awe."Told you," Deacon said smugly."And taken," Grant reminded, puffing out his chest. "No more hitting on
him," he said evenly. "It's rude.""Yeah," Stacey agreed.Deacon met his gaze and ukrainian nymphets tgp they sort of looked at one another. I was feeling
strangely uncomfortable although it should have been exciting, having two
hot men sort of fighting over me.Deacon nodded finally, a small smile on his lips, and a hint of respect in
his eyes. "Ok."He took Stacey's arm. "We still have to go home and clean charming nymphets up. Want to come
to our house and wait for us?" he asked, in a less leering manner.I smiled. "Yeah."They rollerbladed back to their car while Grant and I walked behind them,
considerably slower."What was that?" I asked smiling.Grant shrugged. "Well, I was practicing coming out," he said casually. "You
know, for later."I snorted. "That's all?"He shrugged again. "Maybe I was marking what was mine.""Yours huh?" I asked smiling.His eyes met mine. "Well you are mine.""Hm, didn't know I was a possession."He kissed my cheek, "You're my favorite possession."I rolled my eyes.Grant turned serious. "But I was practicing, sorta. I do want to come
out. I don't want to little nymphets thumbs
hide and lie to people. It's tiring to do that, you
know?"I nodded. "I do know.""I love you.""I love you, too. And for the record, you're mine too."Grant grinned."But you're my second favorite possession," I said with a serious
expression.He pouted. "What's your favorite?"I looked around, making sure no one could see us.I grabbed his package and squeezed gently. Grant gasped."This is," I murmured in his ear, licking his lobe teasingly. I felt him
harden slightly.Grant moaned and touched my hips, gripping me tightly as he hissed."Jesus, Pete."
Deacon wasn't a bad guy.Throughout lunch, Stacey and I caught up, talked about college, life, and
future plans.Meanwhile, Deacon was telling Grant that it was important to live life and
not care what others thought. I think Deacon gave Grant some
perspective. Especially with Deacon's stories on how he went to New York
and had the best time and enjoyed so much freedom to do anything, which nymphet cunts he
didn't get here in Texas.Grant came out of that lunch hating Deacon a lot less. Well, once Deacon
stopped outright hitting on me. But Deacon still looked at me, but Grant
was able to get past that. For the most part. We all had eyes after all.We made plans to get together again sometime before I left.I drove Jet's car back to her house. On the way there, Grant took my hand
and kissed it.I looked at him."I love you Pete. I really do.""I know baby.""I know being with me is difficult," he said slowly. "I'm caught in two
worlds and trying to transition into the right one for me, but it's
hard. I've known this all my life and then youngest nymphettes porn to jump into your kind of life
is not easy. I'm used to being reserved and hiding. I'm afraid to leave
everything I've ever known to enter the unknown. It's not easy for me. I
want to be what you want me to be, but I don't know how," he said
pleadingly.My heart went out to him."I'm sure it would have been easier to be with Doug or Deacon. People who
are comfortable with who they are. People like you," he said sadly. "I
don't know why you chose me."I pulled over on a residential street and looked at him. I grabbed his face
and looked into his eyes."It doesn't matter Grant. None of that matters, ok? Stop thinking you're
not good enough for me just because you're not ready to be out. I fell for
you. I love you. Yeah, it's not going to be easy and we'll have to
patiently work on our relationship continually, but I want you. I don't
want Doug or Deacon, ok? I want you- shy, reserved, Southern, and in the
closet. I want you."He sighed and leaned into my hand. "I love you so much Pete. I don't want
to disappoint you.""You won't. You can't. You're perfect to me. Your imperfections make you
perfect."He cocked his head when I said that and I smiled. "It's true,
Grant. Perfection is boring and sickening. Your imperfections make you
perfect. They make you. And I love you for them.""What if it becomes too much one day? Will you leave me?" he asked,
gripping my wrist naked nymphettes
tightly.I shook my head and pried his fingers lose. I massaged his neck and pulled
on his curls."Beautiful," I murmured before meeting his eyes. "I love you Grant. I am
not going to leave you. Especially not for being yourself and needing more
time to adjust to all of this, ok? I know the coming out process can be
scary. I was russian young nymphet lucky to have grown up in an accepting environment. You
weren't so lucky. So I have to remind myself to be more patient with you
and more understanding. It's a learning curve for me too. Our worlds are
kind of opposites. And for the first time, I kind of have to think of
someone other than myself. So, be patient with me, too?"Grant smiled. He shifted in his seat and pulled me to him. I unbuckled my
seatbelt and hugged him back, as best as I could. His arms felt warm and
strong around me and I inhaled his scent."I was serious when I said we could wait. If you need more time, we'll tell
David, Kelly, and Blair next winter or summer, or something," I said when I
pulled back. "This is a two way street. I need to be there for you, too."Grant smiled at me. "Let me think about it more. I want to. I do."I kissed his nose. "I know you do, baby. But I love you. And I can
wait. They will always be there to tell. We have to work on ourselves
first. I can't rush you.""Pete, you're so good to me. So amazing. How did I get so lucky," he
murmured, as I started driving again.I shot him a sideways glance. "I don't know. I never expected this when I
moved here senior year.""I never expected this period," Grant said. "I thought I'd get married,
have kids, and be unhappy forever."I gasped. "That would suck! How could you consider living like that?"He shrugged. "I thought I had to. I didn't know any gay guys.""Happy I came, huh?"Grant grinned. "Absolutely."I laughed. "Were you hot for me the minute you saw me?"Grant blushed. "Not exactly.""Huh, really?"He looked at me, his eyes shining. "I did think you were attractive and
cool, being from New York. But I didn't know you or anything like that.""So it was my charming and stunning personality naked nymphet pics that sealed the deal, eh?"
I asked, smiling widely.Grant threw his head back. "Sure."I nudged his arm playfully. He laughed loudly and kissed my hand."You were different Pete. You were outspoken, honest, fun, and smart. You
made me feel alive, gave me hope that I didn't have to be miserable.""Glad to help baby," I said sincerely. "I'd hate for you to be so
unhappy. You're far too pretty for that."He stuck his tongue out at me when I said pretty."Well, you are," I responded innocently."You're pretty too.""Not as pretty as you.""That's true."I slapped his arm and he lunged to kiss my neck. I smiled and ran my
fingers through his hair."You're not pretty Pete. You're a gem. Unique looking. Exotic. A treasure,"
he rambled.I smiled. "You can stop now. You don't have to flatter me to get me into
bed, you know. I'm already having sex with you."He chuckled. "Peter, god."I parked in Jet's driveway. We walked around the outside, towards her
pool. I was expecting to find Jet and Lawrence there, but it was
empty. Then I remembered that Jet mentioned a movie and then lunch and
hanging out with Lawrence's brother and sister. Her Dads were both at work
and were going to dinner afterwards, like they did every Friday and
Saturday evenings. Cute, huh?I looked at Grant mischievously. "We're all alone," I cooed. "We'll be
alone for hours," I sang out.Grant looked at me and smiled."Sex in the pool?" I asked, peeling my shirt off. His eyes widened."Pete!""No one is around. I don't have a pool at home. facial nymphets What other chance do we
have to do this?" I continued, kicking off my shoes. "This way, we won't
get kicked out of a public pool or risk getting arrested. I really don't
want a criminal record, you know."He still looked alarmed. "But it's not our pool. We can't just have sex in
it," he sputtered as he blushed furiously."I can call Jet and ask her," I said. "I'm sure she wouldn't mind.""What? No!""Kidding," I said, holding my hands up. Then I reached for my jeans and
unbuttoned them. "Aren't you going to get undressed?"Grant looked torn. His eyes were watching me closely as I stripped and I
had a feeling he would break. His pants were already tented. I pushed down
my jeans and boxers and stood before Grant naked. He was breathing hard and
looking at me intently."Fine. I'll just go for a swim then," I said jumping schoolgirls nymphet
into the cool water. I
emerged and swam on my back, looking at Grant. "Awfully lonely here," I
sang out as I paddled backwards."Pete," he groaned. "Why do you always make me do these young nymphet nudes things?" he whined
as he started taking off his clothes. He kicked his jeans and boxers off,
stepping towards the pool.I grinned. "I'm trying to open you up to new experiences. This is good for
you." I splashed water at him playfully once he eased himself in.I waded over to him and jumped into his arms. I smiled down at him and
pecked his lips, my hands sliding down his muscular back and down to his
hard ass. I squeezed the flesh and he groaned.I ground my hard cock into his stomach and I could feel his rod pulsating
below my ass."This is fun, isn't it?" I whispered into his ear, as I bit on his lobe
gently.He panted as his hands wandered along my body. "Very.""I think you should thank me," I said angling us into a corner of the pool."Ok," he gasped out as I pushed onto him and enveloped his cock inside my
hole. His eyes closed and he moaned. I kissed his neck as I rocked on his
cock, riding him slowly, holding onto his shoulders for support."I love you," I whispered into his ear, clenching my muscles tightly.He let out a little cry and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me closer,
increasing the pressure on my prostate. My eyes rolled back as I started to
move faster."I love you, too," he whimpered as little nymphet angels bbs I felt my orgasm approaching. This angle
was stimulating me so much, that I couldn't hold back. We moved together,
in perfect unison, for a few more minutes. All I heard was our panting and
the sloshing of the water as we created our own mini waves.Finally, I was about to reach the point of no return. I bit my lip and
released a strangled moan as I gripped Grant's neck tightly."Grant, I'm going to cum soon.""Me too baby," he grunted as he thrust his hips forward as I rode him
continuously.I panted and dug my hands into his arms. I could feel it starting. It was
tingling, it was electric, it was ecstasy.I threw my head back, closed my eyes, and shouted. "FUCK!"I felt the force of my cum as it shot out of my cock. I kept moving young nymphets art
Grant's cock, riding out the pleasure, prolonging it. The feel of his hot
hardness inside of me was such a turn on. I never wanted it to end.I heard Grant's strangled cries and screams and spasms as he came shortly
after I did. When he came down from his high, he rested his head on my
shoulder and I held onto him, my legs resting on the side of the pool.I kissed his forehead gently and opened my eyes. I noticed I made a bit of
a mess in the pool. My release was floating around as the water lapped
around us."Damn," I muttered. He looked at me questioningly, his cheeks still flushed
from his orgasm."I think we have to clean the pool. Jet might notice this," I said. "She
will not be pleased. That demo she gave you? With the weapons and such?
She might actually use them on me!" I said with a serious expression.Grant glanced around and then started laughing, his shoulders and body
shaking, his skin around his eyes crinkling. His eyes were sparkling and
were brighter than ever. He looked so happy, toplist young nymphets I couldn't help but laugh too."Well, it was your idea to have sex in the pool," Grant reminded, nipping
my lips.I hugged Grant and snuggled into him. "Does that mean you won't help me
clean the pool?" I asked, faking a downcast look.Grant threw his head back, laughing loudly. His arms tightened around
me. "I'll help you baby. After all, I am partly responsible. You wouldn't
have cum without me.""That's right," I said, reaching down and fondling his flaccid penis. Grant
shuddered and whimpered. "It's partly your fault." nymphets for free I kissed the corner of
his mouth as I watched his reaction.His eyes rolled back as I continued teasing his cock. "Pete." His hands
squeezed my back."Well, if we're going to clean the pool, we may as well make a bigger
mess. That way our efforts won't be wasted," I said, as Grant started to
breath harder."Pete," he gasped out as I started to move my hand faster.I watched his face closely as he shouted and tensed, releasing his load
into my submerged hand. He shivered, trembled, his face flushing. His
eyelids fluttered, his mouth hung open slightly. He looked beautiful. My
blond angel."I love you," I whispered into his ear as he moaned softly.
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